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Retired police officer and experienced instructor and expert witness and analyst.

Bruce A. Champagne

Utah’s 2022 “Most Influential Law Enforcement Consultant and Investigator”

-Global Excellence Awards

With a varied background in law enforcement (patrol, investigations, tactical operations, training, special operations, command), and sales and management, Bruce Champagne provides consultation, cross-discipline analysis, and expert witness services, law enforcement and civilian training, and human performance factors presentations to various groups, and analysis to the media. 


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As an experienced use of force investigator, certified Force Science Analyst, and trained Arrest-Related and In-Custody Death Investigative Specialist, Bruce Champagne provides training, analysis, and expert witness services in both law enforcement uses-of-force and civilian acts of self-defense.


Cross-Disciplinary Investigations and Analysis

Human Performance Factors (Variations for Analysis, Investigations, Public Information Officers, Civilian Review Boards, Trainers, Dispatchers, and Civilian Review Boards, and Civilians)


Officer Involved Shootings and Moving Vehicles; Investigative, Policy, and Training Implications.

Defeating the Close-Quarter Ambush

Four Phase Firearms Training (Law Enforcement and Civilian)

Forensic Diving & Aquatic Investigation

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