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"[Your analysis and report] exceeded my expectations. Thanks."
-A.E., Attorney, Ohio

"I think you have done an excellent job! . . . Very professional."
-M.K., Plaintiff, Utah

"I think [your report] is great! It was the investigation that wasn't done."
-M.J., Attorney, Florida

"Thank you so much for your work on this case. I appreciate the thoroughness of your report."
-M.F., PDA

"Very nice! You covered everything I expected and more and I really like how you back it up with citations. It's not only your personal expertise and experience speaking, it's also the fundamentals of basic police training and operation. Well done!"
-K.D., Indiana

"You did great. Very professional and well explained. . . I work with experts frequently and I was very impressed by your slides and thoroughness."
-K.W., Attorney, Arizona

"[Your analysis] was fantastic. [The lead attorney] was very happy with the report."
-AGL, Attorney, Utah

 "Thank you for getting back to me with your report, it looks great."
-P.R., Attorney

"[Your report] was awesome! Thank you."
-AAJ, Attorney

"I thought your testimony was great."
-D.J., Florida

"You did an amazing job with this report. Thank you."

-K.A., Attorney, California

"When Bruce became available, I jumped at the opportunity the benefit my practice with his experience, dependability, professionalism, timeliness, and thoroughness. I really appreciate his candor, value his opinions, and use him exclusively."
-K.S., Attorney

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