Bruce A. Champagne

With a varied background in law enforcement (patrol, investigations, tactical operations, training, special operations, command), and sales and management (retail, wholesale, inside/outside, route, national, independent, and corporate), Bruce Champagne provides consultation, analysis, and expert witness services, law enforcement and civilian training, and human performance factors presentations to various groups, and analysis to the media. 


The National Native American Law Enforcement Association National Training Event 
August 22, 2017
Armed Citizen Tactics Course
January 19, 2019


Women's Self-Defense Workshop
April 29, 2017
"Bruce was one of the outstanding instructors at NNALEA’s 2017 Training Conference." - D. Webb
"Awesome class. Lots of info."
 -E. Martinez
"Awesome. Two thumbs up..."
-L. Taylor
"Huge women's seminar. Utah women getting strong and safe."
"Amazing info from Bruce Champagne."
-Krav Maga Utah
Utah Peace Officers Association

February 22-23, 2018

"Great presentation."


Expert Witness- Human Performance Factors, Criminal Gangs 

Member- Civilian Review Board

Instructor-Armed Citizen Tactics Course (Level I), Unified Krav Maga, January 2019

Presenter- Aquatic Crime Scene Investigation, Western Wyoming Community College, October 2018

Instructor- Aquatic Crime Scene Investigation, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, October 2018

Presenter- Human Performance Factors, Utah Peace Officers Association, February 2018

Presenter- Civilian/Business Active Shooter Response

BrainStorm, Inc., October 2017

Presenter- Defeating the Close-Quarter Ambush 

National Native American Law Enforcement Association Annual Training ConferenceAugust 2017
Presenter- Armed Citizen Tactics Course Krav Maga Utah, August 2017

Presenter- Women's Self-Defense Workshop

Krav Maga Utah, April 2017
Co-Instructor- Concealed Carry Weapon Retention & Protection 

Krav Maga Utah On-Line, February 2017
Presenter- Physiological Responses in Defensive Tactics (SPEAR)- Fortified Krav Maga, January 2017
Defensive Tactics Instructor- Subject Handling and Defense

Mountain States SWAT Competition , October 2016
Presenter- Officer Involved Shootings Associated with Moving Vehicles Utah Peace Officer's Association Winter Conference, February 2016
Analyst- Analyzing Law Enforcement Uses of Force (2016) (Facebook Page ID 211256142559339) 
Presenter- Officer Involved Shootings Associated with Moving Vehicles Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training, June 2015

Presenter- Southeast Asian Street Gangs; An Update

Salt Lake Area Gang Conference, April 2007

Presenter- Mara Salvatrucha (MS13)

Salt Lake Area Gang Conference, April 2007

Presenter- Southeast Asian Street Gangs

Salt Lake Area Gang Conference, April 2006

Presenter- University of Utah, 2006


As an experienced use of force investigator, certified Force Science Analyst, and trained Arrest-Related and In-Custody Death Investigative Specialist, Bruce Champagne provides training, analysis, and expert witness services in both law enforcement uses-of-force and civilian acts of self-defense


Human Performance Factors (Variations for Analysis, Investigations, Public Information Officers, Civilian Review Boards, Trainers, Dispatchers, and Civilian Review Boards, and Civilians)


Officer Involved Shootings and Moving Vehicles; Investigative, Policy, and Training Implications.

Defeating the Close-Quarter Ambush

Four Phase Firearms Training (Law Enforcement and Civilian)

Forensic Diving & Aquatic Investigation