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I'm a retired law enforcement detective, SWAT cop, trainer, and biologist

providing expert cross-discipline analysis (crime/behavior analysis, human

factor analysis, kinematics, crime/event reconstruction and testing,

biomechanics evaluation, use of force analysis, law enforcement operations) so

your firm can provide the effective counsel your client needs and expects.

I can help and guide with my expertise in aquatic crime scene investigations, crime and biomechanical analysis and behavioral profiling, specialized interviews, criminal gangs, and human performance factors associated with intimate partner violence, training and error reduction, civilian self-defense, law enforcement uses of force, training, investigations, and general and tactical operations.

It's easy to find out if your firm and client could benefit from an expert

analysis and opinion. I confer at no-cost and at your convenience about your

case, concerns, and strategy development. Review my curriculum vitae,

experience, and background and see how I can support your efforts. The

on-boarding process is simple.  


The stakes are high for both your firm and client with an outcome determined by

ineffective counsel- a loss of liberty, finances, and reputation. 


My clients claim the best possible outcomes and are reassured they provided and

received the most effective counsel possible. They get positive reviews and



I’ve got time on my schedule next week if you would like to talk about your

case. Do you have time next week?

Contact us now for a consultation.

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